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Xda-Developers is a mobile software development community of over 4 million users worldwide, started in 2003.[2] The site's main purpose is discussion, troubleshooting and development of Android, Windows Phone, WebOS and Bada phones. The site also offers Windows Mobile and Android users general information about devices, ROM upgrades, technical support, Q&A, and reviews of device applications and accessories. Separate forums exist for each model of phones manufactured by HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, and many others. Forums are also available for tablets and many other devices. The name xda-developers is derived from the O2 XDA, which was marketed as a PDA with "extra" features.[2]

In February 2007, Microsoft asked xda-developers to remove all ROMs created by OEMs.[3] In response, a petition was raised and signed by over 10,000 xda-developers members. The petition was, however, put aside when Microsoft did not pursue the removal of the customized images; Microsoft felt that using custom images based on the ROMs originally provided by Microsoft was acceptable as the ROMs work only on specific models and are not portable to devices for which the original ROM was not designed.

CNET Asia suggested that xda-developers offers potential solutions to problems with many Windows-based mobile devices. In other mobile phone reviews, testers at CNET preferred using xda-developer's ROMs when carrying out detailed reviews.[4]


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