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Rom - CM Intika Revolution Paranoid Edition - N7000


Intika Swap : Default System Swap is set to 200 MB (100 under a Zram partition and 100 under 2 internals partitions)... Note, swap is limited to Thor Kernel for the moment.

Partition : Is a defined amount of memory mounted as a virtual disk

ZRam Partition : Is a compressed partition stored in ram, her advantage is an amazing speed transfer rate

Swap : Swap is a memory file or partition stored on an internal memory or on ram, it increase the amout of available memory for running applications in other term it inrease the Ram memory... Background tasks are puted in swap, until it is required to release occuped space in ram... You can check your memory usage by the command free; or with the application DiskInfo under Tools folder. The benefit of having swap activted let the phone have more ram so more tasks could be run at the same time, and top used applications have more ressources to work, so it make any used application more responsive

Cache : it's an amout of memory stored on ram that transparently keep data so that future requests for that data can be served faster, recommanded value 3072 MB. The tunned cache on this rom concern internal and sdcard memory.

CPU Governor : It indicate which way is used to manage the cpu usage (Used Algorithm). Suggested governors are not only offered but also tweaked to provide the best functioning depending on Battery/Performance... PegasusQ and SmartAss v2 let you get benefit of having a dual core without being battery eater... (PegasusQ is recommended). Other governors are available on the rom but they are not customized... PegasusQ is available only on Thor Kernel.

ZipAlign : it’s an archive alignment tool that optimize the way an Android application package (APK) is packaged. Doing so enables the Android operating system to interact with the application more efficiently

Black Light : Enable/Disable lighting of touch menu and back buttons (Hardware Buttons)... This tweak save battery

Touch Buttons Actions : Enable/Disable action of touch menu and back buttons (Hardware Buttons)... Buttons are no more active

Loopy Smoothness Tweak : Script that improve responsiveness of most used applications... this tweak grow boot time by 20 seconds

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